Saturday, September 3, 2011

Atmospheric Resonance

Atmospheric Resonance

Today we are going to talk about Atmospheric resonance, which is a term that Trans-molecular magick has borrowed and re-coined from Schumann resonance. So Schumann resonance is theorized to be the frequency in which our universe vibrates. Atmospheric resonance is actually simply the frequency of common things, from crystals, candles, colors, and how these things interact with each other to create fields.

Anyone in magick understands fields of energy, the most popular form of magick practiced today belongs to the Wiccans. One of there most sacred rituals is raising the cone of power. Which is essentially a ritual that includes 13 witches, and or pagan practitioners whom focus on raising energy through tantric chants or spells to bring about change in the accordance with the groups will.

This is a powerful form of magick which proves that through universal synchronicity a group of like minded people are brought together; and can then do powerful things. So how does this relate to the idea of Atmospheric resonance? Well just like crystals, minerals, stones, colors or candles. People also vibrate on certain frequencies that are complimentary to each other and together create a field. This field can be sensed or felt even if one is not particularly sensitive enough to sense energy. It often leaves one in awe, and often times helps people to understand that magick is just the transference of energy and you are simply the filter that shapes its direction.

So naturally the next question is how do I create this field? Well that remains the secret taught only in Trans-Molecular magick. Of course I will say this that the potential of this kind of magick is thus far limitless, and once a field is created one can gain access to vast amounts of information regarding many different things, and people actually. So today I would like to end this post by saying there are many things yet undiscovered, and simply because information can now be transferred around the globe in mere minutes does not mean that all information is known. The internet is a powerful tool that has connected us in amazing ways.

It also gives us the false security that we know all there is to know. But the secret of all knowledge is to remember that. It is only a fool that thinks that his knowledge however vast places her/him on an all knowing untouchable thrown, and takes a truly wise wo/man to understand that true knowledge grows only without arrogance.