Monday, July 30, 2012

The Future?

So I have been doing a little research. Its funny because its when I wasn't looking that I stumbled onto a well done documentary on Hulu about crop circles that piece together a lot of information. It is with the Derecho of June 29, 2012, and the Greenland massive melting of July 8-12,2012 that most recently got my attention. Add the Venus transit which also took place in June, and if you know anything, or have even heard about the Mayan Dresden Code these current events would for sure have you scratching your head.

So the part interest me is the last page of the Dresden Code. The page where water is being poured, and is spilling out of the dragons mouth. A Mayan Galactic day is measured at 5,125 years. Its funny although it is called the Mayan Galactic day, it is actually just a measurement of a cycle that happens in our solar system. Think with me for a second, a prophecy is when someone uses magick of whatever kind; whether it be a "Godly" vision, psychic, etc... We wait to see if it happens, and even if it proves to be true, we remain skeptics.

The Dresden Code is not a prediction. It is a record that has shown to be completely accurate over the cycles, climate changes, and major events affecting us even today. Even if you would like to discount the major events part. There is written records in the Dresden code of eclipses, major climate changes, all of it happening exactly as written in the code. So in light of this recent Hulu documentary that basically says hey guess what we have made contact with Aliens that not only are using crop circles as a way of communication to us, but may actually also be warning us of what is to come.

I'd say that it may be time to ask ourselves. Is this evidence what we want to see? Or is our doubt just a disbelief that it could all never end. Was Katrina just a small pre show of what mother nature has in store for us in a few months? Regardless of conspiracy theories, or major government cover ups. In light of all this information, as a sane magickally inclined person who always viewed conspiracy theories and government cover ups as pure entertainment. I have to ask myself? Is something quietly happening. Is our attention being diverted with the glitz and glam? As those in charge who are aware make preparations while slowly marching us into the slaughter house?

Honestly I am not sure, but regardless of there actions. Despite there efforts to ensure the survival of only specific people. I know this, I know that this event is a natural cycle of our solar system. Which will affect all life within the milky way. So I am not really concerned with government cover ups, death is not the end. Power over the masses is simply an illusion. Balance is kept, when/if this event occurs and suddenly you realize those in charge knew all along by how suddenly they disappear. Take comfort in the fact that with all the power they think they have.

They could do nothing to prevent this. Which means you can trust that life will flourish, you will return if you so choose, if you are meant to perish in this event. Just because they may have survived the major event, does not mean they will escape the storm. If the cycle is to cleanse and bring about the golden age of our little piece of the universe, and they are not meant to be a part of that. Rest assured they will not be.