Thursday, October 30, 2008


Greetings All,

I haven’t posted for sometime responsibilities kind of took over and I haven’t had a chance to update on a regular basis. I have so much exciting information I don’t even know where to begin. Today’s free lesson is going to give you a key that is the foundation of any magickal practice.

See all methods discussed prior, are simply that methods. Methods work, but methods are all built on one simple idea. That idea is physics, physics are the scientific building blocks of our reality. And although most scientist who are studying social, psychological, or applied science eventually stand back in awe or pour themselves over metaphysical philosophy in the private quiet of their own home. It is their constant scientific discoveries and revelations that back up every magickal detail or method I have ever come across.

Of course there is the old saying that one sees, whatever one wants too. Which it is actually funny that with in certain biological constraints there is a lot of truth to this. None the less facts give way to curiosity which begets experimentation, which begets eventual knowledge. Which believe it or not affects our entire way of life whether we notice it consciously or unconsciously; it probably sounds like I am babbling, I’m not actually I am painting a picture for you.

A structure, a structure is a funny word that I am sure for most can bring up many different images. Structure this word is the basis of magick. The law of Entropy clearly dictates magick in action. Entropy is the process in which two energy systems put side by side have shown that they will become in sync with each other. Picture this if you took something that was hott, and put it beside something that was cold. Eventually they would become the same temperature. The energy systems the hotter one or the one with the higher frequency will influence the one with the lower temperature or frequency and raise its vibration to match its own. Which results in two energy systems being of similar temperature. Now this is how the typical energy system behaves. But magick, or life force, chi, prana, whatever you want to call it actually operates in a scientific term that has been coined Negative Enthrophy.

This is the key to magick, it works without religious process. Without any kind of ritualistic process. It is simply a law of the universe. Two energy systems the one with the higher frequency drains the one with the lower frequency, and makes the energy system with the higher frequency more effective. This is how magick works, this is the part where structure comes in. Energy follows structure it’s a natural process of the universe. In actuality its like a survival tactic. This is why the law of attraction works, or any other focal point for that matter. Science has unknowingly confirmed this by testing this law of physics. So lets put this into action,

Negative Enthrophy: The higher vibrations will drain off the lower and become one. This energy will then follow structure. So look at it this way, if you had a thought form, sigil, or anything you could imagine and place into a structure. A structure being an arranged visualization. Or an envisioned goal, placed in a system you knew to vibrate at a higher frequency. Your envisioned goal would then manifest itself by becoming a part of the energy system already vibrating on a higher frequency. Once this happens situations are automatically set into motion to bring about your envisioned goal. At this point your probably saying that’s great, good to know. So how do I find something that is vibrating on a higher frequency. Frequency and life force are one in the same. The frequency is the measurement of the vibration of life. Life force is the energy itself, so what are some energy systems that you can think of that have an abundant source of life?

I will give you a few ideas, trees, oceans, or bodies of water. Plants, soil, everything around you actually has some form of life force. Guess what if it didn’t have a vibration it wouldn’t exists. Its just that simple, there is also a nice tool that I can instruct you on how to build that will make a great way of actually collecting life energy. Life energy you can actually feel pouring out of it into the palm of your hand. This info is only offered through class, I know shameless. I hope this clarifies some things and helps you to spin wonderful ideas. Which is part of what this blog is about anyway…

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hmmm The Truth You Say?

Greetings All,

Honestly I have no Idea if this is being read or not, but I have something I find funny I wanted to talk about. I was just doing a bit of research every now and then I will google something just to see how its going. Who the knew crooks are and if their is anything notable with in the realm of metaphysics. Today I googled Telekinsis and the site I found gave me a bit of chuckle. So much to the point that decided to leave a little commentary and sign the guest book. It was a sight claiming to debunk claims on supposed psychic or paranormal activity. One mentioned was the hutchison effect now I only peeked at the site a bit before I realized what it was. I found it fantastic, not only did the site owner give his thoughts on everything, but he also presumes to call those who still practice TK in a round about way mentally disturbed. Now I am not ranting, contrary to popular belief I am not annoyed either. What I did find amazing was people's reaction to this site.

The site owner also boast that his site is the only scientifc site like his to date on the net. (Again not going to comment) many people who seemed legit left comments stating facts and making references to untruths posted by the site owner. To which many posted that they recieved no reply when letting the owner know that the scientific information listed was incorrect. Most who left messeges on the board outside of a few fantatics, where like me. Very amused and thought it was a well put together argument, but it seems that this compliment was simply dismissed and even though links to truths and new science where provided the site owner made no changes and left the untruths up their.

To give a small example one truth was based on what it takes to leave the earth's gravational pull, a pretty clear cut scientific fact listed incorrectly on the site. There seemed to be alot of inconsistencies such as that listed, I found that rather odd. So I started thinking about what I might say to someone who has no belief in magickal practice.

Of course the first thought is why say anything. Those who don't understand remain unprotected and easily manipulated then I thought to myself thats not a really great attitude because their is alot I myself am unaware of. I will spend my life this way, as I have many other life times. Part of growing is always being able to say I don't know please teach me. It is the one who says I know all who becomes the ignorant fool that at the end of life knows nothing. So what would I say to someone who asked me to prove it. I think that when someone ask you that question they are looking for something.

As a part of you and a step towards enlightement it is up to you to point them in the right direction. Not because you are a martyr, but because you are in fact looking out for your own well being by doing this. People see themselves today as seperate, they think this way because they do not pay attention to life and all of its aspects.

They do not see by the small decsion of turning on your car to go to work, school, or where every your day may carry you. In fact changes the environment around you. Everything you do no matter how small effects change with in the universe. So pointing someone in the right direction will only benefit your life in the bigger picture. Is this a selfish way to think, No! Why? because selfish is a perception their is no clear line between selfish and generosity. Their is only the continuation of life and the growth of that expression. So back to the question at hand, what to say to a person who says prove it.

Give them one name they are more than likely familar with Einstien. All things are energy, energy is neither created nor destroyed, with in that one statement denotes the understanding that their is no such thing as impossible. If they say their is a difference ask them to tell you how? If they do factor in some answer about how science and magick are seperate remind them that 100 years ago predicting the weather was accepted as impossible, a fantastic new age joke, or that at one point it was believed the world is flat, or at one point it was believed that the earth was the center of the universe.

Or that the scientist who discovered germs was laughed at and called a crazy person. Invisble life that made us sick,( Poppycock) lol. Or that Tesla himself was called nothing but a fake scientist with fancy machines that had no real value. I could go on and on of examples in history that proved to be true despite popular ideas on the matter.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Infintie and Finite

Greetings All,
I know I said one lesson a week, but their is something I have discovered I would like to share with you. The author or channelor of this information is named Ernest L Norman for those of you interested in his work to google his name will take you to the insitute which he and his lovely wife founded during his time here with us here in our dimension. Now lets talk about something that has just occured to me.

The Infinite, this is the the energy of life filtered down through every form of exisitence with in the universe. Scienctist have other words for The Infinite but in laymans terms it refers to the glue that holds our world together. See all things are energy, and it is a harmonic frequency that cause things that we view as solids to hold their shape. This is everything from your car to the tables or chairs you use everyday. It all appears solid through a electromagnetic relationship of frequency that manifest the form of the object. Now with that small definition I want to discuss something that has occured to me.

Our bodies are the final manifestation or expression of the energy that makes us what we are. Now in magick we use the phrases positive, negative, and manifestation alot. We generally view postive and negative as opposite states that create some sort of relationship that creates some sort of balance. Light and dark, hot and cold, but what if they are in fact states of manifestation. For example The infinite to us is a concept that is abstract we can not touch it, it understood for us as a completely mental state. But here is the kicker you are the Infinite, the very core of the energy you are is Infinite.

Now the intresting thing about that is simply this. Before a thought even manifest itself with in your conscious mind. It starts in the Infinite, it works the same way. You vibrate on a frequency this frequency is already a predestined package of situations and experiences that have exisited Infinitely. Your harmonic rythem vibrated in unison with this frequency leads you to situations and thoughts that are a natrually occuring state of being. So this would mean that in relation to the Infinite by time a thought reaches your conscious mind. It is already nearly half the way to physical manifestation. It is each person unique experience and how they decide to act on the thought that either brings it into physical manifestation, or simply allows it to pass without acting upon it. This is an amazing concept for several different reasons.

The first being that you in the literal sense can not only see with the utmost percision where you are headed, but you can decide to change this course if you don't like it. Further more their are huge implications here on magick in general and the effect of spells and what they do, but I haven't made this connection yet and will eleborate on it at a later time.

But its amazing. It is true process, and not to mention beautiful. It explains the growth of grass of trees, birds, animals , and all things that are life and exisit. Its like a symphony everything playing together an already written piece but each player adding to it their own personal talent by way of their own personal experience. I will post a bit more later but for now I have to run. This is great, as usual I encourage all to leave behind their thoughts..

Numerology and Magick

Hello Again,
I have some exciting news for you today kitties. Every thing including yourself is made
of energy, and everything from a simple table to a tree has a history that can be accessed
through the use of numbers.
"Big Deal!"
"You knew that already,"

Okay then lets list a few things your proably didn't know. Numerology is a great system
alone though numerology can only be used for horoscopes at best. Numerology combined
with a term I have coined "The LoGos" can do the following.

Create Love
Influence Outcomes
Summon The Dead
Bring Money
Even conjure storms, change weather patterns

The LoGos in otherwords will teach you things not printed in any book on the Market.
Guess what it all started with numerology. I'm sure by now I have your attention, lol. If not keep reading. Numbers are all around us, they are in everything we speak, and active in all
that we do. Now unfornately I can't publish the 1-10 how to's of this here because of the power possible concerning this new magickal system. I can however take you on a little history lesson that may settle your curiousity just a bit. I can tell you that since the early 1940's from the USA all the way to Germany experiments have been done testing the validity and capability of the human mind.

It is a known fact in higher circles of our innate psychic capabilities and how to tap into them, not only that but how to tap into that power and use to wield the thoughts and events of entire populations. This is information that can be found through simple google searchers. I will drop a few names to anyone who is interested in finding this info off site. Now jumping back on subject I want to write a little bit about The LoGos and how it uses numerology.

Your name, with your name, thats right just your name from any place on the planet you can be influenced. Your name is like a commination to a lock that will give access to you and the way you think. This can be done in several different ways, but it all starts with the numerical conversion of your name. See alot of occultist especially from more powerful underground sects which have gained popularity over time, such as The Golden Dawn, most notibly memtioned Wizard and Conjuer Alistar Crowly. To some of less well known doctor as well as celebrated occultist Dr. John Dee and his seer Edward Kelley who are known for their spectacular system of Enochian Magick given to them through the instruction of Angelic Energies they conjured. Magick is a flourishing system that as time goes on becomes the science of phyicist and modern day medicine.

Now moving on so that I don't drown you with facts of history. My point to bringing up the past is to show the influence of the system. I could of course go on with amazing little known historical facts I have discovered over the years through my research but we can save that for another post if anyone is interested, lol if you ask anyone who knows me they will tell you I can be a bit long winded on the subject sometimes:)

Okay here we go another fact, another reason I brought up the past is because some sects have argued that the most powerful spells of the past where spells written in early languages, I'm sure most of you have witnessed a scence from popular horror of someone reading from an ancient book in latin that ends up mistakingly conjuring a bunch of creatures from hell,lol.

Love those movies their great. Or like a recent movie Eragon the older teaches the rider that the power to control is in the true name of the object. This people is actually true. Their is a catch though. Control over anything is an illusion, you can in fact influence, or direct but a fool who thinks they have control is a fool who will be blind sided by the consequences of their actions. Universal Law every action causes and equal and opposite effect. Every effect causes and equal but opposite action.

To get even more confusing their is also The Universal Law of Vibrations and a seperate one for rythem that states their is no clear line where one effect ends and another begins. So as you can see magick is not a game. It can stir up very serious unforseen consequences by the person who uses unaware of what they are causing. This is why the information I am giving you cannot be found in books. Only in those who have learned it through experience.

Now enough preaching lets review. A true magickal link can be created or exploited by using the object numerical breakdown.

Their is no such thing as control, only a relationship between the caster and the caster's objection.

All things simple or complicated are energy.

Now this is unfortunatly the part where I have to take advantage of opportunity, lol just kidding. No seriously I by request will be conducting a class locally here in SoCal. So in depth instruction will be given to those who attend this class. For those not in Cali I will give online instruction through email and those interested in this can also get in touch with me through an email through myspace. I promise I'm not going to charge an arm and a leg. Just enough for my time. I actually am very much looking forward to doing this. I have wanted to for sometime. So I look forward to questions and comments, and will respond to them as recieved.

Blessings: The wonder of the Universe is hidden with in its simplicity(TK)

Cosmic Queen Intro

Greetings All,

Thanks for stopping by, I started this blog to answer some of the many questions
asked of me in regards to magick. I have been practicing for many years and my talents
range from Clairvoyant/Audient, divination, spell caster, and herbalist. A witch of many
hats; lol anyway Ioffer readings locally here in Southern Ca and encourage anyone
wanting a reading to get in touch me through my email:

trans_cend78 at yahoo dot com

I want to start off my new blog with a magickal lesson each week/month I will post something on
a knew topic. This weeks lesson will center around numerology and how it applies to using
magick in everyday life. Its a great way to start with alot of interesting things that I am sure
both beginner and experienced will enjoy. So don't be shy, comment, ask questions, even
share info I am encouraging feed back....