Friday, May 2, 2008

Infintie and Finite

Greetings All,
I know I said one lesson a week, but their is something I have discovered I would like to share with you. The author or channelor of this information is named Ernest L Norman for those of you interested in his work to google his name will take you to the insitute which he and his lovely wife founded during his time here with us here in our dimension. Now lets talk about something that has just occured to me.

The Infinite, this is the the energy of life filtered down through every form of exisitence with in the universe. Scienctist have other words for The Infinite but in laymans terms it refers to the glue that holds our world together. See all things are energy, and it is a harmonic frequency that cause things that we view as solids to hold their shape. This is everything from your car to the tables or chairs you use everyday. It all appears solid through a electromagnetic relationship of frequency that manifest the form of the object. Now with that small definition I want to discuss something that has occured to me.

Our bodies are the final manifestation or expression of the energy that makes us what we are. Now in magick we use the phrases positive, negative, and manifestation alot. We generally view postive and negative as opposite states that create some sort of relationship that creates some sort of balance. Light and dark, hot and cold, but what if they are in fact states of manifestation. For example The infinite to us is a concept that is abstract we can not touch it, it understood for us as a completely mental state. But here is the kicker you are the Infinite, the very core of the energy you are is Infinite.

Now the intresting thing about that is simply this. Before a thought even manifest itself with in your conscious mind. It starts in the Infinite, it works the same way. You vibrate on a frequency this frequency is already a predestined package of situations and experiences that have exisited Infinitely. Your harmonic rythem vibrated in unison with this frequency leads you to situations and thoughts that are a natrually occuring state of being. So this would mean that in relation to the Infinite by time a thought reaches your conscious mind. It is already nearly half the way to physical manifestation. It is each person unique experience and how they decide to act on the thought that either brings it into physical manifestation, or simply allows it to pass without acting upon it. This is an amazing concept for several different reasons.

The first being that you in the literal sense can not only see with the utmost percision where you are headed, but you can decide to change this course if you don't like it. Further more their are huge implications here on magick in general and the effect of spells and what they do, but I haven't made this connection yet and will eleborate on it at a later time.

But its amazing. It is true process, and not to mention beautiful. It explains the growth of grass of trees, birds, animals , and all things that are life and exisit. Its like a symphony everything playing together an already written piece but each player adding to it their own personal talent by way of their own personal experience. I will post a bit more later but for now I have to run. This is great, as usual I encourage all to leave behind their thoughts..

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