Friday, May 2, 2008

Cosmic Queen Intro

Greetings All,

Thanks for stopping by, I started this blog to answer some of the many questions
asked of me in regards to magick. I have been practicing for many years and my talents
range from Clairvoyant/Audient, divination, spell caster, and herbalist. A witch of many
hats; lol anyway Ioffer readings locally here in Southern Ca and encourage anyone
wanting a reading to get in touch me through my email:

trans_cend78 at yahoo dot com

I want to start off my new blog with a magickal lesson each week/month I will post something on
a knew topic. This weeks lesson will center around numerology and how it applies to using
magick in everyday life. Its a great way to start with alot of interesting things that I am sure
both beginner and experienced will enjoy. So don't be shy, comment, ask questions, even
share info I am encouraging feed back....

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