Friday, May 2, 2008

Numerology and Magick

Hello Again,
I have some exciting news for you today kitties. Every thing including yourself is made
of energy, and everything from a simple table to a tree has a history that can be accessed
through the use of numbers.
"Big Deal!"
"You knew that already,"

Okay then lets list a few things your proably didn't know. Numerology is a great system
alone though numerology can only be used for horoscopes at best. Numerology combined
with a term I have coined "The LoGos" can do the following.

Create Love
Influence Outcomes
Summon The Dead
Bring Money
Even conjure storms, change weather patterns

The LoGos in otherwords will teach you things not printed in any book on the Market.
Guess what it all started with numerology. I'm sure by now I have your attention, lol. If not keep reading. Numbers are all around us, they are in everything we speak, and active in all
that we do. Now unfornately I can't publish the 1-10 how to's of this here because of the power possible concerning this new magickal system. I can however take you on a little history lesson that may settle your curiousity just a bit. I can tell you that since the early 1940's from the USA all the way to Germany experiments have been done testing the validity and capability of the human mind.

It is a known fact in higher circles of our innate psychic capabilities and how to tap into them, not only that but how to tap into that power and use to wield the thoughts and events of entire populations. This is information that can be found through simple google searchers. I will drop a few names to anyone who is interested in finding this info off site. Now jumping back on subject I want to write a little bit about The LoGos and how it uses numerology.

Your name, with your name, thats right just your name from any place on the planet you can be influenced. Your name is like a commination to a lock that will give access to you and the way you think. This can be done in several different ways, but it all starts with the numerical conversion of your name. See alot of occultist especially from more powerful underground sects which have gained popularity over time, such as The Golden Dawn, most notibly memtioned Wizard and Conjuer Alistar Crowly. To some of less well known doctor as well as celebrated occultist Dr. John Dee and his seer Edward Kelley who are known for their spectacular system of Enochian Magick given to them through the instruction of Angelic Energies they conjured. Magick is a flourishing system that as time goes on becomes the science of phyicist and modern day medicine.

Now moving on so that I don't drown you with facts of history. My point to bringing up the past is to show the influence of the system. I could of course go on with amazing little known historical facts I have discovered over the years through my research but we can save that for another post if anyone is interested, lol if you ask anyone who knows me they will tell you I can be a bit long winded on the subject sometimes:)

Okay here we go another fact, another reason I brought up the past is because some sects have argued that the most powerful spells of the past where spells written in early languages, I'm sure most of you have witnessed a scence from popular horror of someone reading from an ancient book in latin that ends up mistakingly conjuring a bunch of creatures from hell,lol.

Love those movies their great. Or like a recent movie Eragon the older teaches the rider that the power to control is in the true name of the object. This people is actually true. Their is a catch though. Control over anything is an illusion, you can in fact influence, or direct but a fool who thinks they have control is a fool who will be blind sided by the consequences of their actions. Universal Law every action causes and equal and opposite effect. Every effect causes and equal but opposite action.

To get even more confusing their is also The Universal Law of Vibrations and a seperate one for rythem that states their is no clear line where one effect ends and another begins. So as you can see magick is not a game. It can stir up very serious unforseen consequences by the person who uses unaware of what they are causing. This is why the information I am giving you cannot be found in books. Only in those who have learned it through experience.

Now enough preaching lets review. A true magickal link can be created or exploited by using the object numerical breakdown.

Their is no such thing as control, only a relationship between the caster and the caster's objection.

All things simple or complicated are energy.

Now this is unfortunatly the part where I have to take advantage of opportunity, lol just kidding. No seriously I by request will be conducting a class locally here in SoCal. So in depth instruction will be given to those who attend this class. For those not in Cali I will give online instruction through email and those interested in this can also get in touch with me through an email through myspace. I promise I'm not going to charge an arm and a leg. Just enough for my time. I actually am very much looking forward to doing this. I have wanted to for sometime. So I look forward to questions and comments, and will respond to them as recieved.

Blessings: The wonder of the Universe is hidden with in its simplicity(TK)

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