Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hmmm The Truth You Say?

Greetings All,

Honestly I have no Idea if this is being read or not, but I have something I find funny I wanted to talk about. I was just doing a bit of research every now and then I will google something just to see how its going. Who the knew crooks are and if their is anything notable with in the realm of metaphysics. Today I googled Telekinsis and the site I found gave me a bit of chuckle. So much to the point that decided to leave a little commentary and sign the guest book. It was a sight claiming to debunk claims on supposed psychic or paranormal activity. One mentioned was the hutchison effect now I only peeked at the site a bit before I realized what it was. I found it fantastic, not only did the site owner give his thoughts on everything, but he also presumes to call those who still practice TK in a round about way mentally disturbed. Now I am not ranting, contrary to popular belief I am not annoyed either. What I did find amazing was people's reaction to this site.

The site owner also boast that his site is the only scientifc site like his to date on the net. (Again not going to comment) many people who seemed legit left comments stating facts and making references to untruths posted by the site owner. To which many posted that they recieved no reply when letting the owner know that the scientific information listed was incorrect. Most who left messeges on the board outside of a few fantatics, where like me. Very amused and thought it was a well put together argument, but it seems that this compliment was simply dismissed and even though links to truths and new science where provided the site owner made no changes and left the untruths up their.

To give a small example one truth was based on what it takes to leave the earth's gravational pull, a pretty clear cut scientific fact listed incorrectly on the site. There seemed to be alot of inconsistencies such as that listed, I found that rather odd. So I started thinking about what I might say to someone who has no belief in magickal practice.

Of course the first thought is why say anything. Those who don't understand remain unprotected and easily manipulated then I thought to myself thats not a really great attitude because their is alot I myself am unaware of. I will spend my life this way, as I have many other life times. Part of growing is always being able to say I don't know please teach me. It is the one who says I know all who becomes the ignorant fool that at the end of life knows nothing. So what would I say to someone who asked me to prove it. I think that when someone ask you that question they are looking for something.

As a part of you and a step towards enlightement it is up to you to point them in the right direction. Not because you are a martyr, but because you are in fact looking out for your own well being by doing this. People see themselves today as seperate, they think this way because they do not pay attention to life and all of its aspects.

They do not see by the small decsion of turning on your car to go to work, school, or where every your day may carry you. In fact changes the environment around you. Everything you do no matter how small effects change with in the universe. So pointing someone in the right direction will only benefit your life in the bigger picture. Is this a selfish way to think, No! Why? because selfish is a perception their is no clear line between selfish and generosity. Their is only the continuation of life and the growth of that expression. So back to the question at hand, what to say to a person who says prove it.

Give them one name they are more than likely familar with Einstien. All things are energy, energy is neither created nor destroyed, with in that one statement denotes the understanding that their is no such thing as impossible. If they say their is a difference ask them to tell you how? If they do factor in some answer about how science and magick are seperate remind them that 100 years ago predicting the weather was accepted as impossible, a fantastic new age joke, or that at one point it was believed the world is flat, or at one point it was believed that the earth was the center of the universe.

Or that the scientist who discovered germs was laughed at and called a crazy person. Invisble life that made us sick,( Poppycock) lol. Or that Tesla himself was called nothing but a fake scientist with fancy machines that had no real value. I could go on and on of examples in history that proved to be true despite popular ideas on the matter.

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