Thursday, October 30, 2008


Greetings All,

I haven’t posted for sometime responsibilities kind of took over and I haven’t had a chance to update on a regular basis. I have so much exciting information I don’t even know where to begin. Today’s free lesson is going to give you a key that is the foundation of any magickal practice.

See all methods discussed prior, are simply that methods. Methods work, but methods are all built on one simple idea. That idea is physics, physics are the scientific building blocks of our reality. And although most scientist who are studying social, psychological, or applied science eventually stand back in awe or pour themselves over metaphysical philosophy in the private quiet of their own home. It is their constant scientific discoveries and revelations that back up every magickal detail or method I have ever come across.

Of course there is the old saying that one sees, whatever one wants too. Which it is actually funny that with in certain biological constraints there is a lot of truth to this. None the less facts give way to curiosity which begets experimentation, which begets eventual knowledge. Which believe it or not affects our entire way of life whether we notice it consciously or unconsciously; it probably sounds like I am babbling, I’m not actually I am painting a picture for you.

A structure, a structure is a funny word that I am sure for most can bring up many different images. Structure this word is the basis of magick. The law of Entropy clearly dictates magick in action. Entropy is the process in which two energy systems put side by side have shown that they will become in sync with each other. Picture this if you took something that was hott, and put it beside something that was cold. Eventually they would become the same temperature. The energy systems the hotter one or the one with the higher frequency will influence the one with the lower temperature or frequency and raise its vibration to match its own. Which results in two energy systems being of similar temperature. Now this is how the typical energy system behaves. But magick, or life force, chi, prana, whatever you want to call it actually operates in a scientific term that has been coined Negative Enthrophy.

This is the key to magick, it works without religious process. Without any kind of ritualistic process. It is simply a law of the universe. Two energy systems the one with the higher frequency drains the one with the lower frequency, and makes the energy system with the higher frequency more effective. This is how magick works, this is the part where structure comes in. Energy follows structure it’s a natural process of the universe. In actuality its like a survival tactic. This is why the law of attraction works, or any other focal point for that matter. Science has unknowingly confirmed this by testing this law of physics. So lets put this into action,

Negative Enthrophy: The higher vibrations will drain off the lower and become one. This energy will then follow structure. So look at it this way, if you had a thought form, sigil, or anything you could imagine and place into a structure. A structure being an arranged visualization. Or an envisioned goal, placed in a system you knew to vibrate at a higher frequency. Your envisioned goal would then manifest itself by becoming a part of the energy system already vibrating on a higher frequency. Once this happens situations are automatically set into motion to bring about your envisioned goal. At this point your probably saying that’s great, good to know. So how do I find something that is vibrating on a higher frequency. Frequency and life force are one in the same. The frequency is the measurement of the vibration of life. Life force is the energy itself, so what are some energy systems that you can think of that have an abundant source of life?

I will give you a few ideas, trees, oceans, or bodies of water. Plants, soil, everything around you actually has some form of life force. Guess what if it didn’t have a vibration it wouldn’t exists. Its just that simple, there is also a nice tool that I can instruct you on how to build that will make a great way of actually collecting life energy. Life energy you can actually feel pouring out of it into the palm of your hand. This info is only offered through class, I know shameless. I hope this clarifies some things and helps you to spin wonderful ideas. Which is part of what this blog is about anyway…

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