Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I wanted to share

I have been using a 13 moons calendar to tap into the flow of universal energy that makes its ways through out the cosmos on a regular basis. Todays energies are called Kali its the secondary root chakra located right below your belly button.

The interesting thing about the 13 moon calendar is that it is modeled in harmony with the universe. Now I know most will proably say big deal, but this makes a huge difference. This calendar gives you the information you need to tap into the flow that makes its way through the entire universe. Every solar system,planet,and life form is touched by this wave of conscious energy.

The most interesting thing about energy, something that we as a society have yet to pick up on, even though we use it everyday. Energy is information, and we are attenna who only need to tap in to the right channel in order to be able to recieve this information. During my mediation today I used this knowledge and placed one of my machines on the frequency of 1.000 hTz with a carrier wave of 426.000 which we could say is suppose to be the frequency of water. Although the source to this info is a bit outdated, and I am currently checking on ways to check this for now we will simply go with it.

I was a bit amazed by what I felt, when shifts happen we tend to run for the hills out of fear of what such a drastic change in energy/information might bring. We do this out of fear of course, more than ever I understand because of our current calendar and clocks we have been programed to see the universe as being a frightful and chaotic place which is out to ruin our lifes and shake us up for fun whenever it gets the opportunity.

In just the lunar month I have had this calendar I realized how far from the truth this is. Tapping into the stream of energy/information today brought peace and information. It was the most solid,calming,profound peace I have ever experienced in my years of magickal practice. Like a tree grows the energy simply flows. Whenever I have these experiences I always ask myself what does it mean? What can I learn and eventually share from this? Today I learned that the chaos we experience in our society has nothing to do with what the universe is projecting. It is our fear and our being our of sync with the universe that makes us manifest this Idea of life. Its so amazing and profound how much we are responsible for.

In the past I have said many things about our society, about out lack of this or our fault of that. Today I simply going to say lets wake up! Let us realize our connection to nature, and life. Let us shy away from fear and spread the idea of awareness. Not simply to manifest that new car,house,lover,job,etc....But lets truly wake up for the sake of doing so,because its breath takingly beautiful here and if enough of us wake up and get the point because of our connection to one another and all things. Majority does rule! So instead of chanting for understanding, or handing out food or blankets to the homeless. Lets realize that these things are wonderful, but to truly help. To definately make a difference in our society and set the world on fire with awareness that will rain down love and comfort on every living breathing entity in the universe a truely awesome thing.

Start by becoming aware order yourself a calendar and begin to pay attention the rest will fall into place.

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