Saturday, October 10, 2009

Oct 10, 2009 Energy of the day


Todays energy of the day is SILIO the heart chakra, like the others this chakra has its own unique energies, but it is proably more important than most would expect. I'm sure the heart chakra automatically brings up ideas of love and relationships. This is nice because the heart chakra does contain a memory of every experience of love from every single life time we have every lived.

It also does something else very important, but before going into that. I would like to address a side note. The heart contains the experience of love from every other life time we have ever experienced. So it is also the key to healing yourself from hurts of love past. See some of us repeat patterns of failing relationships carried over from past lifes. These feelings can bled over into self esteem issues and can place us in a state of unhappiness because it may seem as if we can't ever find the "right" partner.

The answer to this is very clear, use today light a white candle. Say, "I heal myself and I release the pains of the past. Now I am so thankful for the knew love that I now share with my knew partner." Anytime you feel down or lonely repeat the above, visualize the warmth of the white candle you used on this day to clear yourself of these past experiences which had left you with these issues. And allow yourself to heal know that these issues are a thing of the past. On a side note "much love to you mammawatta"

Now also as I mentioned briefly earlier the heart has another very important job. It is source, it pumps life through your body, just as the oceans pump and circulate life through out the earth. Einstien once said that life was simple and in order for us to answer the big questions. All we need do is observe the universe with a child like imagination. The above example is one of the most simplistic forms of that point. So today realize that all things flow, all life has a frequency. And your direct physical connection with that process is in fact your heart and the process of your circulatory system.

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