Sunday, May 20, 2012

Love And Think Walk

So I went for a think walk today in the beautiful California Sun. I had two issues to tackle, the first was an euphony I had last night while resting after a party. The realization was about love. When we think of love we think of many different types, but our first and foremost more than likely has to do with human relationship. Then of course if you trickle down you have your love of pets, perhaps a hobby, a sunny day maybe, or the beach?

What do all of these energy exchanges have in mind? Well obviously they are are about love, but here is where my euphony knocked me off of my vodka and 420 high, so to speak. Love is about a relationship. I can hear the proverbial "Duh", and put the joint down sweety mental pokes,lol. But think about it, your life is built on relationships. Think outside of your life for a second, Love is All! The sun appearing to rise in the morning is a relationship between the Earth and the sun. The Earths axis, its repetitions throughout our little part of this multiverse is in fact Love. It is a relationship.

Our very existence is the coming together of potential forming a relationship all the way back to the big bang! Yea blew my mind too! I will come back to this in a min. The other part of my think walk now that I had this information was to understand why I was so bothered and angry about recent events. If is Love than my so called problems are also the product of a relationship. So As I walked and I looked at the trees, the people, the flowers, with new realization. I began to notice my reactions, I live in a pretty decent part of LA. The homeless are not a usual sight, but they have become so recently. I realized it was ingrained for me to feel uncomfortable and try to avoid them.

I noticed that when someone sped to make a turn despite pedestrian crossing, I had an immediate anger response that I of course kept to myself. I noticed that as the crowd got thicker I became a lil agitated at the inconvenience a detour of a main street had caused the increase in foot traffic as I tried to wonder through the lovely streets of West Hollywood CA. Then as we "New Age, witch types" so often do lol. My ego goes,

"Shhhh relax, they are just children making noise" You know we always take that enlightened approach lol. Then I answered myself silently "out loud would get looks, you know when they say its ok to talk to yourself, as long as you don't answer. This is why."

"No wait, cause then I am just a child making noise too, and when should this noise be considered important? " If Love is all, and the children throw there tantrums because they do not understand this? Does that mean our feelings simply get lost in the tantrum. Is none of it truly important? The answer I got back of course was pretty cool. Love is all, as we vibrate we attract, and repeal what we need to continue our evolution as a whole. So the above reactions that I noticed while walking, these things I only noticed because I needed to notice. My true self that was just sunbathing in the idea of the beautiful sunshine being love, needed to consciously listen to the reactions of my Ego.

So what now, I mean come on uncomfortable with the homeless man, and other people. My Ego sucks. Its a really bad person,lol! Love is all, and all is love. Love is a relationship between too forms of life. There exchange causes a reaction, and from that interaction life evolves, because consciousness is born. All of our lifes thus far we have been missing the point, the point is interconnectedness is not just a hippy,magickal,wiccan,new age idea. It is Love, and Love people is what literally makes the sun rise, and the planets in the many universes go round. When we see this, and we incorporate this into our magickal practices. You know I don't know what it will do, I can only say that it made me feel damn empowered.

So in closing I'd like to say my love think walk was a success. Am I cured of my Ego's irrationalities? Of course not, can I make those hard phone calls, or confront that difficult conversation? Well I'm not rushing to do any of it lol, but at least now I am conscious of why these vibrational energetic issues keep demanding my attention, and perhaps since the point to the entire debacle was consciousness. I am definitely headed in the right direction.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Facebook energy of the day

Tricky subject of belief vs Truth

I do apologize for my lack of updates. I did make this blog more for reference purposes, for those looking for magick related info. Also there is a new Facebook page that post the energy of the day along with tid bits of magick related info, cool experiments and exercises to bring you into contact with the flow of the day. So today I would like to discuss belief. Belief is a tricky subject, people defend beliefs to the death sometimes, but what is a belief. Where does the power of a belief reside, this of course should be an easy answer.

 The power of a belief resides in the people who believe. Who dedicate, and pray to it. Does a belief ever become truth, and what is the difference? Truth is a universal law, it is the recognizing of something that whether your here. Or on a planet light years away this law will still be in effect. Belief is just that a belief, it may be true? It may not be true, but it is supported by an energy source that propagates its strenght. So then you might say the power of a belief resides in its energy source. Of course this is simply repeating the above statement.

 The interesting thing is that a belief, its energy source is more than likely a person or group of people. This my friends is where it gets interesting, most don't look into physics they don't know the laws of thermodynamics, and they assume that laws of physics only are important on the grand scale of things. The cern huge HPC (Hydrogen Particle Collider) has proven otherwise. Why do you think your decsions are so important, why do you think in todays global economy information is the most valuable tradable tool. It is because you are the energy source.

 Our world is set up to supply and demand. It is a basic concept of how our world works from every level. The plants supply food to the animals who eat plants, those animals live as a food source to the ones who eat meat, and so on and so forth. Think about our world, its class system, the way it is set up, and how it is changing. The next step in evolution is not so much a castrophe, but more of a realization of this system and moving to live more in harmony with it. Instead of rigid patterns of scramble and grab, it becomes complimentry vibrational patterns that make the entire world blossom. From this will come power we have only dreamed about.

So you are important, I am important, and with this information it is our responsiblity to listen. Remember when someone doubt something they don't need to prove you wrong to get your attention. They just need plausible deniability. See it is a neurological fact that we are hard wired to recognize patterns. Its how we survive, you watched one person eat the berry and die. Now you know that the berry is in fact dangerous. Without our ability to understand this, as a species we would have ceased to exisit. Someone who is clever and understands this fact does not need to change your mind, but simply interupt that process of pattern forming to your brain. Once it has conflicting information, it confuses how you see the issue. Once that happenes your perception shifts and you begin to search your senses for another mode of information to clarify or further confuse the way you think or feel.

 This is an extremely clever tecnique used by just about every person in office who has ever needed mass approval for anything. So what does this mean, it means that even if you choose to turn a blind eye, your energy like all others contributes. You indiviually are responsible to what or whom you give your power too. So make sure that you look for universal law in all you believe in, although I personally prefer having Ideas rather than beliefs. If you must believe understand that it is the power of your belief that fuels the power in the idea. What it boils down too so to speak is simply that, beliefs are ideas on steroids.