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So hello again, I haven’t updated in sometime. Today I want to post about Karma. I want to talk about what it is, and what it isn’t. I’m sure we have all heard the phrase “what goes around comes around” “ So shall ye reap what one sows” etc. I’m sure for every tradition there is a karmic saying. So lets ask what does karma actually mean?

Karma actually means action; the total universe in action. So how does this apply to the old fashioned ideas of Karma. Well technically it doesn’t, the idea of karma is about change. It is about the sum of one form of energies adding up to a result, or in physics a equal but sometimes opposite reaction. Let’s take a look at Newton’s third law:

Every action has a reaction equal
In magnitude and opposite in direction.

Guess what people, above is the scientific definition of karma. I know since Newton there have been many additions, expansions, etc. But if you’d like a demonstration of this law, just walk out your front door and toss a ball in the air. The action is the energy it takes to throw a ball in the air. The reaction is the interaction with gravity and atmosphere that insures the ball will fall back into your hand. On a different note along the same path you are also exchanging energy with the ball. Without you the ball would remain still until it is disturbed by you or some other outside force strong enough to physically move the ball.

Believe it or not the above is all magick. Trans-Molecular Magick. Which is I’m sure an Unfamiliar term to most but it is the basis to the practices I have taught. So lets get back to this idea of karma. The point to my explaining karma and how it works in the universe is to explain responsibility. In most religious structure there is a punishment so to speak for “misbehaving” this is an interesting concept, and also a great way to give people morals. Standards of what is right or wrong, and what happens to them if they don’t fall in line.

I understand this, but the true idea of structure is to understand and take responsibility for what actions you take. In Trans-Molecular Magick there is no punishment so to speak. Nothing to chase you down and make you pay. The results of your actions are a teacher, never a punisher. Your actions will paint the picture of your life. This means when something you would consider bad happens to you. You must be clear enough to accept responsibility for it, and move to learn from it. The solution to what we see as a problem was created the exact same way the problem manifested.

What does this mean? It means pity parties should be limited to only a few hours, followed by the discovery of solution. It means there is no blaming anyone, all around you acts in relation to you. This is not simply a philosophy it is science and karma at its best and most obvious. So folks when someone uses the old saying “What goes around comes around” “ Or poor me” reply with a gentle smile, followed with “you are the problem, and the solution”.

So in addition I have a challenge for you, here I will post a spell for employment. I will include materials and spell. My challenge is for you to have the guts to cast it. Then report back here in the form of a comment. Let everyone know your results. Two things I would like you to consider. First: Magick can be amazing, beautiful ,scary and unexpected. Second: It can also seem underwhelming and completely coincidental both of which have similar and simple reasons why. Happy Castings!

Supplies: Purple candle, dollars bills, pen basic black inked ball point, paper, white or purple.

Instructions: Of course cast in a private personal area. Most magickally inclined folks refer to this as sacred space. Ideal is to find the energy center of your home, or apartment and set up shop there. The idea behind this is to tap into the natural flow that is already affecting your environment. If you cannot yet do this, then a sacred space works fine too, or just a space you feel at peace in. For those in hurry, if you want to speed things up, cast in a busy area of your apartment or home during a down. A busy freeway, highway, or road can be used this way as well. Please practice local “fire safety rules.”

Once you have your space, you need to count out the dollar amount in conjuction with your name. So for example if your name has 20 letters, you will need 20 dollars. “no you will not burn the money” The money is to be placed underneath your purple candle.

Also before placing your candle on top of the money, you will need to personalize the candle in some way. For those magickally inclined, charge it by visualizing your intentions met. Those who are knew, just hold the candle and say the spell carving the same amount of money your using for your name into the candle wax, somewhere on its body. So if again if you have 20 letters in your name, carve a 20 somewhere in the body of the candle.

MI: Cast circle

Newbies: draw or walk in a clockwise circle around the area you are going to cast in.

Before lighting your candle write the spell down on the paper you have chosen. This is to be done before lighting the candle, and after you have walked, drawn, or cast the circle.

“ I call upon the universal energies of flow
To bring me Employment soon after this
Day. Employment come to me Now
Without Delay! “

After it is written light your candle. You are to chant the spell in accordance with the letters in your name, so again if there are 20 letters in your name. The spell is said 20 times. Oh, and whatever name is on your resume, or that you put on applications. That’s the number of dollars/chant you use. So if that doesn’t include a middle name then don’t use one for the spell. On your last chant place the paper slightly above the flame of the candle. When it catches allow it to burn to ash in your

MI: cauldron

Newbies: Fire proof Bowl.

Your spell in complete. Make sure you open your circle.

MI: standard opening

Newbies: Simply focus and walk counterclockwise, take deep breaths while you walk, and try to come to a relaxed state. Thanks the universal energies while you walk.

Things to expect:

Paper may be warm or cool after the spell is written. If the paper is purple running your fingers over the short paragraph may feel a bit weird. Its kind a cool actually, I luv seeing peoples response to this.

The flame may seem weird, rising and falling more than usual, this is pretty cool as well. Doesn’t happen for everyone though.

Lastly some people report vivid or weird dreams afterwards. This section is only to prevent fear. Some get all of these, some get none, some tell me completely different ones than I would usually expect to hear. Regardless of where you fall this spell is fun, and a great place to start. Look forward to hearing your experiences.

MI: Magickally Inclined

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