Saturday, October 29, 2011

Trans-Molecular Magick

Trans-Molecular Magick

In the world of classical physics , a field is a region of influence in which two or more points are connected like gravity or electromagnetism. However in the world of quantum particle fields are created by the exchange of energy.

Modern Physics:

Sai Ghosh research shows that an invisible connection exist between fundamental elements of matter, which is often so strong that it can override classical methods of influence such as heat or push.

Anton Zeilinger research shows that large matter was neither something solid and stable nor something that behaved according to Newtonian rules.

It is also a scientific fact that light can be classified as neither wave nor particle, but seems to behave as either depending on the outside force present that collapses the possibilities into an observable state.

In 1999 Elisabeth Targ a psychiatrist made her name with two remarkable studies demonstrating beyond doubt. When you send an intention, every major physiological system in your body is mirrored in the body of the receiver. Intention is the perfect manifestation of love. Two bodies become one.

Trans: Across, beyond, through, changing thoroughly

Molecular: Of or pertaining to, or caused by molecules.

Magick: Any act of action to cause intentional manifestation of your will.

This new form of magick is built solely on the interaction of nature. In our search to understand we have come across natural paths of this exchange of energy. Like a highway so to speak, we have taken these paths and fashioned them into a useable form.

Using the materials of the magickally inclined of old, we have crafted a knew way to bring your desires to life. Magick and science have always complimented each other. So that we should find one that leads to the other should be of no surprise.

So it is our pleasure to introduce to the world a knew vehicle of casting, for a knew generation of practitioners we welcome you to experience the power of Trans-Molecular Magick!

Happy Manifesting!

Please note: For scientific facts research was gathered from a vast array of scientist ranging from physicist psychiatrist, neuroscientist, even philosophers. Exerts in the above were taken from but not limited to Lynne Mctaggart, Vlatko Vedral, Newton,Sheldrake, Einstein,and even Dan Brown lol. To experience Trans-Molecular magick. You can place orders for the material with a simple email, or perhaps out of the vendor orders we currently are filling one of the stores will be near you. For personal orders please email: trans_cend78@

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