Friday, November 25, 2011


In Magickal practice we talk a lot about energy. We discuss how it flows, which herbs, crystals, colors or stones influence or aid the flow of this energy stream which we tap into for various reasons. In magick this knowledge is most essential when attempting to craft a spell of some kind. A spell and its eventual success affects many things for the individual who crafted it. One of the few things we discuss is self esteem and the ego.

I'm sure I don't need to explain how a successful spell can boost the self esteem of it's caster. One of the things I would like to put out today is how we view these energies that we work with when crafting a spell. The study of the ego through the many talented spiritual evolved folk out there has been a long path with lengthy conversations that seem to boil down to one agreed upon word "I".

Sometimes "I" is added too with spells, chants, affirmations, or even God/dess. The interesting thing about this concept is we never seem to get the point. A point that sparked a light bulb while listening to the ever talented Eckhart Tolle. We never seem to realize that the "I" is our tether to this reality or vibrational frequency. See many people through time have struggled with the Idea of "I" they have done great works in the name of putting energy towards remaining humble and striving to be spiritual and contribute to humanity.

Good works are wonderful, but we still feel pride, a sense of self worth, even powerful. Is this a bad thing? Of course not, every emotion is a gift, a shift in atmospheric interaction is life experiencing; but it is the emotion misunderstood that shortens our sight. See these things in the very literal sense are not separate from us. This is the trick of the Ego. Me, I, you, them, they, these are all forms of separation. They help to draw boundaries that keep us here, and tether us to one dense truth. I am here, and you are over there.

It is the realization of this, that will bring true interaction with matter. Scientifically matter is simply the collections or clusters of energy which are drawn to each other to produce an effect or manifestation. Matter interacts on may different levels, and it is the participation of your dimensional awareness that works out how the matter will appear and relate to you. So what does this mean? Does it mean we should all reject a sense of self, and strive to have no self esteem, or feel shame from pride?

No remember earlier I wrote of misunderstood emotion. Misunderstood emotion is directly linked to unintentional creation. So an understood emotion is the understanding that that emotion is not you, it is simply an illusion of Ego, and to understand is to experience the feelings without letting it define who you are. This is accomplished by simply realizing there is no you, there is only "We" and "Us".

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