Monday, September 10, 2012


Hello Folks,

So there are many sites out there offering many different kinds of magick for all kinds of everyday issues. Some real, some not so real. Psychics who have been taught psychology and visual deductive reasoning in order to give convincing readings. Even religious clergy who claim to be able to sale you a miracle for the right price.

But what about actual magick? What about being able to use your own unique universal vibration to at least tackle the financial issues of your life? No one offers that, everyone is interested in a temporary fix. A temporary fix keeps you returning, it makes it so you come back for help instead of having real knowledge in hand to tackle the situation yourself.

This is what we are offering you today. So you are more than likely wondering how this works. I'm sure everyone has heard of the discovery of the god particle, or the recent discovery that even meteors passing us, not even landing, just passing by, they actually have a profound effect on our own world. These facts support 2 ideas, the first is that all we come in contact with no matter how brief we exchange energy. Even if we don't speak too, or even consciously acknowledge this person, they will affect your life. Well how is this possible you might ask, or what a bunch of tree huger BS you might say. Science now verifies that this in fact is very true. All the people you see and come in contact with on a daily basis at some point you are on the same wavelength so to speak. If you weren't you would never be at the same place, at the same time.

Life is not random it is by design, religions all over the world seek to define the designer. Magick true magick isn't about who the designer is. True magick is understanding the inspiration the designer may have been influenced by. This inspiration can be found in the secrets of the universe, or what we like to call science. The second idea you are no stranger too I'm sure. It is simply that mind and matter interact on a rather regular basis. This is always the most difficult one for people to understand. So lets break it down quickly and easily. Everything is in motion,basic physics. Because all things vibrate, they do work, this work expends energy into the universe. Energy is neither created nor destroyed, because of this what science has not caught on with yet is the fact that all energy attracts a source that makes it useful. Our entire universe has its own way of recycling all that is manifested. So as you work, you burn energy that attracts the sources that make it useful.

This is manifestation in action, so now knowing your own personal vibration/work. You will know exactly how to draw to you specific sources that are useful to the success of your life. Its really that simple. What exactly are you getting? You are getting a number that is your personal financial frequency. Its the one that links you to money. You are getting your money color, you can use it in candle form to burn to draw more money to you. You can place a candle holder with the correct color candle on a bill to draw money to get it paid, You will also be getting your lucky months where you have peak earning power. Lastly you will also be getting your vibration for the year. This number can be used the exact same way, but instead of finances, you could use it, say your number is 5, well play 5 lotto quick picks, or find the color inscribe the job or career you want on it to bring those opportunities to you etc.

The possibilities as you can see are limited only to your imagination. For those who just skimmed here is a recap of what you are paying for.

Financial Personal vibration
Money Draw Color
Peak earning Months
Year Numbers for 2012/13

After paying please send an email to the one that appears above the sale. The email should include your full name middle included, and DOB. You will recieve the above in about 24-48 hrs. I am open to answering questions that are magick related within reason of course. So looking forward to helping you with your success...

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